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Welcome to your Radha Nair released her book "Breaking the Cocoon @ 40"

What is the Tagline for the recently formed telecom company Vi?
Who authored "Breaking the Cocoon @40"?
Which Indian sector has the potential to grow to a $24 billion industry in 5 years, according to the Ernst and Young report?
Which Institute developed a neural approach for 3D seismic data interpretation?
Kesavanda Bharati Swamiji was the petitioner in which of the following case in India?
How many sectors were identified by the KV Kamath committee that needed a rewamp?
Which sate announced the new electronics hardware manufacturing policy to boost the electronics industry in the state?
Which state formed task force for the implementation of the new NEP for school education?
Who was appointed as the president of the Federation of Automobile Dealers and Associations recently?
Which company has South African Ports firm TPT partnered with for logistics transformation?

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