The Government of India and the Government of Assam were making attempts to fulfil the legitimate aspirations of the Karbi people. Organizations representing the Karbi people demand the formation of an autonomous state under Article 244A of the Indian Constitution. Article 244A was introduced by the Congress Government via Twenty-Second Amendment Act,1969.

The result of several rounds of tripartite discussions is the signing of the Memorandum of Settlement, which will ensure autonomy to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, protection of language, identity, culture etc, rehabilitation of the cadres of the Armed people.


  1. GOI may accelerate the passage of the Constitution(125th Amendment Act,2019) which was proposed to rename the Council to Karbi Anglong Autonomous Territorial Council.
  2. The GOI and the Government of Assam may consider enhancing the budgetary provisions for KAAC to process development activities. The Centre may allocate Rs 500 crore( Rs 100 Crore per annum for 5 years) to ensure the development of infrastructure in the KAAC area. The Government of Assam will provide financial aid to persons who were died in the agitations.
  3. Executive functions of the KAAC will be exercised through the Principal Secretary( who will now be below the rank of Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Assam. The position of head of different branches of KAAC won’t be underneath the position of Additional Secretary of the Government of Assam. The post of Principal secretary will be encadred.
  4. Deputy Commissioners of Police(DSP) and Superintendents of Police(SP) of the regions inside KAAC will be selected in exchange with the Chief Executive Member of KAAC. DSPs of the locale will answer to the Chief Executive Member.
  5. The government of Assam shall make a post of DIG of police, specifically for the Hill districts.
  6. The government of Indian may consider reviewing the number of assembly constituencies through the process of delimitation by taking the factor of population and topography in priority.


  1. The Government of India may refer to UPSC in the KAAC area for the exemption of the ST(Hill) candidates from taking one Modern Indian Language(MIL) in the Civil Services examinations conducted by the UPSC.
  2. The Government of Assam will examine the proposal of KAAC to use Karbi as their official language. Along with Karbi, Hindi, English and Assamese will also remain in use for official purposes.
  3. Hindi, English and Assamese will still be taught in the educational institutions of the KAAC.
  4. The Government of Assam will set up a council to promote the interest in using Karbi as their authority language. This council will likewise prescribe measures to Karbi Literary Society and other Karbi associations to additionally reinforce and advocate the Karbi language at the National level.
  5. The government of Assam shall set up the Karbi Welfare Council for the focused development of Karbi people living outside the KAAC.


  1. All armed groups shall surrender the path of violence, their weapons and disband their organisations within one month of the signing of the Agreement.
  2. All armed groups shall submit the list of their cadres to Additional DG, Special Branch, Assam within one week of the signing of the Agreement.

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